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Fond-1-3Since 2008 STOAF has succeeded in recognizing and early catching deep technology ventures with a 10x or larger returns. Today we have funded more than twenty early stage ventures together with 50 Limited Partners and Business Angels in two funds. The first fund, STOAF Start I is projected to reach 1,8 to 3,8 multiples of invested capital, with lessons learned from Start I, STOAF Start II is on a track to perform even better.

The STOAF concept is proven, and we are now scaling up by offering a new investment vehicle for larger Limited Partners who wants to co-invest with smart Business Angles and join our mission to back a portfolio of very high risk ventures, all with a minimum of 10x potential.

Minimum ticket size is 1 M€, the target is 50 M€, which defines us as a Micro-VC with associated certified Business Angels with whom we co-invest. Business Angel networks have on average achieved 27.2% IRR (ACA), and top performing US Micro-VC’s have achieved >60% IRR (Pitchbook, ex Union Square Opportunity Fund).

We already have the team in place since several years, we have the track record and vehicles to prove that we can serve you as a top ranking Micro VC Fund. If you are a semi-professional investor, preferably with your own value add to early stage Entrepreneurs, you are most welcome to join our mission!

citat2We have found that the great Entrepreneurs from the Nordics and Baltics in the early funding market for B2B advanced technologies ventures are severely underserved. Many individual early stage investors lack the necessary knowledge and experience to invest this early. And the few former VC firms have grown larger resulting in them moving to later stage investing in order to deploy larger amounts of capital per venture.

This is happening while quality deep technology deal flow has increased to its highest point ever, opening up a unique market opportunity for Limited Partners wanting to leverage the experience, network and unique deal flow in early stage, B2B, deep technology, enabled by STOAF SciTech.

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Meet our team

We are the people behind Stoaf’s third and largest fund to date.

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We are Stoaf – Stockholms Affärsänglar

The SciTech Fund III marks the beginning of a new chapter for Stockholms Affärsänglar, STOAF. Inspired by some of the best US VC’s, we too are now in the position to leverage our earlier success to scale from a small Business Angel Fund to a Business Angel Driven Micro-VC. This was first done in the US by the team behind Union Square Ventures when they started their first “opportunity fund”. Now with a track record of >60% IRR since 2013, the success is a fact, and the model works.

This fund will be our third and largest fund to date, building upon successful strategies and experiences from our previous funds, Start I and Start II. It is a new investment vehicle for larger Limited Partners to reach and support the untapped Nordic & Baltic B2B early stage advanced technology ventures. High risk and high potential.

With the help of our experienced General Partners, certified Business Angels and network of investors you can get the opportunity to co-invest with some of the best Business Angels in the region. And at the end of the day you will benefit from the unique methods and due diligence practices, including value added venture management that has been developed from research, trial and error, and now resulted in an investment vehicle easy accessable for Limited Partners.

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